cooked bones are generally a no no for dogs since it makes them brittle. But afaik, pork bones in general even raw aren't a good option either. If they are really soft though and small or unlikely to splinter they may be ok.
Pork bone is high in purines. This makes it problematical for dogs suffering from urinary problems. But pork mince is available year-round in supermarkets today. Pork mince is ideal for your dog’s homemade food. Especially low-fat pork mince. Pork as a novel protein. Pork has another advantage when it comes to your constant canine companion.
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Why Give Bones To Dogs? There are real dangers, and it's up to each owner to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. At Walkerville Vet we believe My personal observation is that pork bones seem to be associated with a higher rate of gastrointestinal upsets. Therefore I don't recommend them, but...